George Wallace 1920 - 2009

This site is designed to present the life and works of George Wallace sculptor, printmaker, painter and teacher. It is an ongoing project cataloguing a large body of work that spans over 70 years. There are invariably gaps and omissions in the work selected, but we hope that he is honestly represented here. We also hope that this site helps raise awareness of George Wallace's work, but most importantly that viewers find something of value in his art.

Having grown up in Ireland and after teaching art in Falmouth, England, George escaped the confines of a crumbling class conscious society, and emigrated to Canada in 1957 with his young family to start a new life. He established himself in southern Ontario in what must have been a very exciting and liberating time. He taught at the McMaster University Department of Fine Art from 1960 to 1985, having a profound influence on the young artists of that generation through his teaching in Hamilton. Throughout this period he continued to make sculpture, paintings, prints and drawings, exploring a huge variety of media.

George Wallace was a significant artist, and although he was somewhat indifferent to commercial success in the contemporary art world he deserves a larger audience, as his work is about us all. He was a great observer of life, he loved people, and he speaks to us of the human condition. We see ourselves with all our struggles, loves and spiritual desire. At times this is hard to look at, as the dark places in our lives often are, and in his art we bear witness to the tragic and often painful mysteries of the world we inhabit. Though he could make fun of society's pretences as in his later satirical work (look at the monotypes of businessmen and lovers, and the bronze heads of commedia dell'arte characters), what he is telling us is not what fools we are, but how human we are in our weaknesses, not heroes just our everyday selves!

This work is for everyone, George Wallace's gift to us.